Contract Disputes

Need Help with Your Contract Dispute?

Do you need:

  • a comprehensive written advice on the merits of your case?
  • an informal discussion?
  • a pre-action letter warning the other party that you are considering litigation?
  • Immediate action such as an injunction?
  • Court documents such as a particulars of claim or defence?

In litigation one size does not fit all.  If you would like an informal discussion with Spencer about what services you need please do feel free to contact him on 07717721204 or using the contact form here.

Why Use A Direct Access Barrister for Your Contract Dispute?

Litigation is expensive and the cost of bringing or defending a claim can sometimes be disproportionate to the issues involved.

Spencer can give you practical advice on how best to resolve your legal problem.  This may not mean avoiding court proceedings and will often involve pushing for a settlement or using an alternative method of dispute resolution such as mediation.  Good legal advice will not assume that litigation is the only answer to your problems.

If you do decide to litigate Spencer can use his experience as a direct access barrister to help you manage your contract dispute and any resulting court proceedings.  Spencer can advise you on your prospects of success at an early stage.  A preliminary legal advice on the merits of your claim or defence is often necessary so that informed tactical decisions can be made at an early stage.  Spencer will endeavour to guide you, using his considerable practical experience, towards achieving the most sensible and cost-effective resolution of your dispute.

If at any point you need more intensive support than Spencer’s work commitments allow he can use his knowledge of the legal market and contacts to help you identify a suitable legal professional such as a solicitor or other barrister, who he can work with and who will be able to help you progress your claim in a cost effective and competent way.   

Spencer will happily discuss your requirements on an informal basis.  Please feel free to contact him using the contact details set out here.

Contract Dispute Barrister