Shareholder Disputes

Commercial BarristerSpencer provides advice and representation to shareholders and companies in a wide variety of industries from retail businesses through to cosmetics companies.  He strives to give clear and practical advice.   One recent example is his successful defence of a client in the High Court case of Hamilton College v Ahmed [2013] EWHC 2072 (CH), a dispute concerning the alleged transfer a single issue share.  This was a long running and difficult dispute that required detailed cross examination, an exercise which ultimately demonstrated that the claimant’s account of events was incorrect.

Spencer can advise you on the merits of your claim or defence so you have a better idea, at the outset, of what the likely outcome will be.  If you decide to go to court or you are already involved in proceedings, Spencer can help you identify the best way of managing your claim. This may mean seeking help from a experienced solicitor who can deal with your case administration.  Spencer has a network of solicitors who he regularly instructs and who can help you.  Alternatively he may be able to help you himself, particularly if your case is already listed for trial.

Often the best way of resolving shareholder disputes is to avoid litigation altogether.  This can be done using a settlement agreement or by engaging in mediation.

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